Official FRIENDS Central Perk LEGO Set Release Next Month

FRIENDS Central Perk LEGO Set

LEGO has produced an official set that brings Friends‘ Central Perk to life in complex detail, and it’ll be released on September 1. The whole set will be created as if it’s an actual TV stage rather than a coffee shop, with equipment and lights peeping out on either side of the TV set. The set includes iconic props like the brown sofa, the coffee-bar, and all its barista accessories, plus the set where Phoebe could be found singing “Smelly Cat.”

FRIENDS Central Perk LEGO Set

Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and, amazingly, Gunther all make an appearance in minifig form too. Rachel is wearing her waitressing outfit, while Phoebe has her guitar, and Joey clutches a fistful of pizza.

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The set is made with Easter eggs from throughout the seasons, will come with a little “reserved” sign and Chandler’s laptop. The whole set will have around 1079 pieces in total.

FRIENDS Central Perk LEGO Set

It’s Friends’ 25th birthday this very year, so the new Lego set is very well-timed. The decision to make it came off the back of LEGO Ideas, the open online ideas box where users can offer suggestions for the sorts of LEGO products they’d like to see. If the idea ends up being made as a retail setting, the original suggester of the set receives 1% of the royalties.

FRIENDS Central Perk LEGO Set

You can Preorder it at the LEGO Shop.


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