Officially Licensed Star Trek Cosplay

Officially licensed Star Trek The Original Series Uhura’s Red Dress Uniform, made by Anovos Productions, LLC

Yaya Han said about the Cosplay :  i was asked by Anovos to model for them at San Diego Comic Con and do a photoshoot in the TOS red dress from Star Trek. This company’s reproduction is the most accurate in existence, trust me, I’ve seen one of the screen-used dresses.

Oddly enough, during the 2 hours I modeled for them at their booth at SDCC, Attack of the Show came by with “Community”s Danny Pudy and did a short spoof video with him and me that aired on G4TV that same day. They dressed Danny Pudy as Spock!! I’ve yet to see the footage since I was at the con that entire weekend, not sure if they have it online somewhere.

Check out Anovos’ full production line of licensed high quality Star Trek and Battlestar Gallactica uniforms: [link]

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