Old People Reacted to the BATMAN V SUPERMAN Trailer


Fine Brothers come up with another hilarious video that shows the reaction of older people as they watch the latest trailer for Zack Snyder‘s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. As you can imagine their reactions are priceless, you might already seen some of these reactions from your parents or grand parents when they walked in when you are watching some superhero movie.  this is the generation of comics and they never imagined that their favorite characters can actually pull all these stunts and things in real life or in the shape of a motion picture, which they always read and see in the comics.. They still quite didn’t wrapped their mind around how Superman flew in the 70’s. Watching these characters brought to life like this was quite a shock to some of them. After they watch the trailer, there’s a discussion about what they saw, and then they are asked a few questions regarding the upcoming movie and when they were first introduced to these characters. Trust me this is very interesting.

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