Old West Horror Thriller THE WIND Trailer is Here


I am a huge fan of westerns and if you are also a fan of the genre, I’ve got a trailer here for a movie that you don’t want to miss. The Wind looks like a brilliant old west thriller that I know I’d enjoy.

Emma Tammi directed the movie and is set in the western frontier in the late 1800’s. A woman moves to the American frontier to settle it with her husband, but an evil presence soon makes itself known and infects her with paranoia.

Here’s the full synopsis:

With The Wind, director Emma Tammi and writer Teresa Sutherland have embarked on a nightmarish yet empathetic exploration of domestic solitude, skilfully conjuring — in bone-chilling visual and sonic strokes — an indescribable spectre that seems to emanate from the abysses of the night itself.

Unravelling across a series of flashbacks that propel us towards the devastating aftermath of violence that opens the film and beyond, the story assumes the perspective of Elizabeth Macklin (Caitlin Gerard), a settler of the 1800s who has accompanied her husband in his effort to cultivate a desolate stretch of the American Western frontier.

Elizabeth has long perceived a festering evil permeating their pastures, only to have her observations dismissed by her husband as religious superstitions. However, when a couple arrives to rehabilitate a nearby abandoned cabin, their strange experiences rekindle Elizabeth’s own infectious paranoia. As with any great horror film, the devil is in the details (often quite literally), and Tammi meticulously sows sinister threads into every creak of wood, every rattle of rusted metal, and every eerie breath of howling wind.With its exquisite photography and its dread-soaked tone, The Wind, in the tradition of The Witch, represents an uncanny chapter in the annals of American folk-horror.

The movie stars Caitlin GerardJulia Goldani Telles (Slender Man) and Ashley Zukerman. There’s no word when it will get a theatrical release but do check out the awesome trailer below.

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