Older Ladies Trying The Fireball Whiskey For The First Time

2016-01-04 12_21_50-Grannies Try Fireball Whiskey For The First Time And It’s Magic

Fireball whiskey seems to have come out of nowhere. Just a few years ago, if someone offered to buy you a shot of something called “fireball” you’d scan the bar for the nearest fire extinguisher, I actually like the strong punch of Fireball but don’t let yourself loose on it unless you have a place to crash. Due to it’s  clever marketing maneuvers that involved Twitter, bikini-clad Nashville bartenders and tons of free shots at colleges across the U.S., this brand of cinnamon-flavored whiskey was a thing by 2010. Sales went from $1.9 million to $61 million in just two years.


As Businessweek explained in its essential Fireball history, the booze started out as part of Seagram’s line of flavored schnapps in the mid-1980s. It was called Dr. McGillicuddy’s Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, named for the mythical Aloysius Percival McGillicuddy, and it was only made in Canada. But as the schnapps fad started to fade, Seagram’s sold off its entire McGillicuddy portfolio to the Sazerac Company. The new management wisely decided to spin the cinnamon whiskey off in 2007.

Want to know how these grannies like the strong taste of the Fireball? check the video you be amazed.


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