TV Spot and Poster's For OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN


The sequel is set up at Millennium Films, and it will be called London Has Fallen. First london bridge was falling down and now whole london will fall down, I must say im EXCITED!

Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, and Morgan Freeman are all set to return for a sequel being developed for Olympus Has Fallen.

The first movie centered on the White House (codenamed “Olympus”) being captured by a terrorist mastermind. With the President (Eckhart) kidnapped, disgraced former Presidential guard Mike Banning (Butler) finds himself trapped within the building. As our national security team scrambles to respond, they are forced to rely on Banning’s inside knowledge to help retake the White House, save the President, and avert an even bigger disaster.

Movie was good but i think White House Down was a better version of how to take over the White House.

The script is being written by the writers of the first film, Katrin Benedikt and Creighton Rothenberger, and according to the report, it will focus on a terrorist strike in London during the British Prime Minister’s funeral. Of course, “only the President of the United States, his secret service head, and an English MI6 agent can save the day.”

Production on the film is set to start on May 5th, 2014. Now all the disaster movies are moving towards London you think U.S. had enough of disasters already ?

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