Online Gaming is Going Nowhere!


5 Reasons Why Online Gaming is Only Going to Increase Over Time 

Online gaming is a serious business. We see it in all aspects of life with no end in sight. Its huge popularity is often attributed to accessibility. And since we live in a digital world, it makes sense. Today you play anything from adventure to first-person games, including the best online casino games as well. This market is expected to grow at a rapid pace. If we look at market size alone, the global video game market was valued at $195 billion in 2021. The actual number of people playing online games is staggering; about 3.4 billion people played online games worldwide in 2021. These numbers are impressive, so let’s look at why this industry is expected to grow even further.  


Online gaming has given us every single type of game we can think of. But not only that. Earlier console-only games could be played on both PCs and mobile devices, and the same for PC-only games. It’s wonderful because we are spoilt for choice. You can literally find a video game online that works for you and play it to your heart’s content. Even if you own 10 digital titles, it’s still better than having to physically buy and store them. But that’s not all. The variety allows gamers to explore and expand their gameplay and improve their skills.  

People who play video games online have said they enjoy choosing between the thousands of games to play. Adding that this variety has helped them become better overall players. With this, you can also challenge other gamers and even play against the computer. There are genres of games that developers are completely flipping on their heads. This is enticing brand-new players to enter the fold. We will more than likely see this trend continue in the future.  


There are many online video games that can set you back a pretty penny. The FIFA franchise is one of them. If we look at the FIFA franchise, we can understand why the games are expensive. Firstly, there are often different versions of the game. In 2023, EA will release a Standard and Ultimate edition. The standard, as the name suggests, gives you the following:

  • Team of the Week 1 player item
  • Kylian Mbappe loan item
  • Career mode homegrown talent
  • FUT Ambassador Loan player pack 


With the Ultimate version, you get the above, as well as:

  • FUT ones to watch item
  • 4600 FIFA points
  • FIFA World Cup FUT Hero – on preorder
  • Three-day early access – if you preordered  

Cost is arguably the biggest motivator when looking at video games. But not all is lost; FIFA was the exception. Most games are affordable, and if you are lucky, you might find some cool ones on sale. Then if we look at mobile games, most of them are free-to-play but allow for in-game purchases. This has been credited to the influx of mobile gamers.  



It’s social

The social aspect of modern-day gaming should not be overlooked. There is a misconception that if you are gaming online, you are a hermit who never leaves your home. This is false, of course. Video games are quite social and even more so online versions. More people involve themselves with online gaming because it has a community of people with the same interests. For many, it is a haven and an escape from the real world. There have been instances where people have met and found their soulmates through playing an online game. While others found life-long friends.  


The convenience

Online gaming is available on your mobile device, PC or laptop, or console. The most convenient way to play is, of course, a mobile device. Hoping on a 12-hour flight? You can literally play Subway Surfers, PUBG, Roblox, and more in the comfort of your airplane seat. Gaming on the go is highly praised. It offers you the entertainment on the go you might need. This is also why millions of people download the best mobile games daily. 


Entertainment value

Online gaming is highly entertaining. You get to enjoy yourself without spending much money, and this is enticing. While people are prone to watching countless hours of series and movies, online gaming has cemented itself as a force in this space. Online gaming is also expanding rapidly and four times faster than the internet. It’s because people are after convenient yet entertaining pastimes. In the future, we will see the gaming world expand in the digital space, and man, are we excited about this?


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