Only Fools and Horses Fan Recreates Iconic Scenes from Hit Sitcom Using Lego

 Only Fools and Horses

An Only Fools and Horses fan has recreated the sitcom’s most iconic scenes – in Lego.

Saso Zibert has used Lego Minifigures to act as Del and Rodney and the other main characters including Uncle Albert and Grandad.

Lego bricks have been used to make the scenes, including the Trotter’s council flat in Nelson Mandela House.

Other pieces such as plastic cups, a broom, and a chandelier have been used for props.

Some of the most laughable moments from the legendary sitcom featured by Saso include the scene where Del falls through a bar, the 1996 Batman and Robin episode, and the one with the chandelier.

 Only Fools and Horses

Saso – self-confessed Only Fools & Horses addict who lives in Slovenia, where the BBC1 show is shown repeatedly – has also turned the well-known poker game between Del and Boycie into Lego form.

Trigger hasn’t been ignored either and the dimwitted rosdsweeper is shown with his broom – the same one had for 20 years even though it had 17 new heads and 14 new handles.

The laugh-out-loud episode in which Del gets Raquel to sing on stage with Tony Angelino only to then realize that he can’t pronounce his R’s is also featured.

 Only Fools and Horses

Saso, 35, said: “The project came about due to me having a large collection of Lego and also being an Only Fools and Horses addict.

I have been a fan since the first time I saw it as a teenager. I watch it regularly, from the first episode to the last. It is still on TV to this day here with subtitles.

Since Lego doesn’t do Only Fools and Horses I said to myself I will give it a go.

I customize the Lego characters according to different scenes and I use photos of the scenes to work from”.


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