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house in the middle of highway

Photograph by China Daily (via National Post)

You won’t move? no problem let’s see how you get a good night sleep now 🙂 and yeah watch out for drunk drivers while you sitting and having your supper!

In the city of Wenling, located in China’s eastern province of Zheijang, a highway has been built around a residential building that refuses to relocate. Luo Baogen, unsatisfied with the relocation compensation offered by the government decided to remain in the half-demolished building with his wife. According to China Daily, the road, which leads to the Wenling Railway Station, hasn’t been put into use yet.

Even though all of the other residents have moved out, the government has not demolished the other rooms for sake of the remaining couple’s safety.

Photograph by China Daily (via National Post)

According to the National Post (where you can find more pictures and detailed information), these buildings that refuse to move for new developments are called ‘nail houses’ in reference to old, gnarled nails that cannot be easily removed.

Every couple of years, these defiant ‘nail houses’ make the rounds online. They serve as a symbolic testament to the ‘little guy’ standing up against the government and pushy developers.

Photograph by Robert Saiget (via National Post)

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Photograph via National Post)

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