Overview Of Cisco CCNA Exam- What Should You Know Before Registering For This Vertification?


There is no doubting the fact that obtaining a Cisco certification is an excellent choice for growing your career. The Cisco CCNA Practice Test Questions is valuable, especially when accompanied by relevant experience. Now, with numerous certifications that are opened to professionals in the IT industry, one might begin to wonder what the value of all these certifications really is. The fact is that certifications are your gateway to some great positions in your career. In some cases, your experience and knowledge base is not enough. You need a lift, in terms of certification, to take you to your desired position.

It is important to mention at this point that the value of a certification is not just in the paper you receive at the end of your course. It goes beyond that! It is the totality of the knowledge and experience gained during the process of acquiring the certification. In other words, you as an individual determines the value of your certification. It is not strange to see professionals with high-level certifications that cannot display the knowledge needed to solve specific problems. This is why it was stated earlier that the value of your certification is highly dependent on you. Therefore, before you go ahead to obtain the CCNA certification make up your mind to:

  • Acquire all the knowledge that comes with the certification and be ready to prove to your employer that you have what it takes to deliver on the job.
  • Challenge yourself beyond the norm.
  • Use the period of studying for your certification exams to learn and understand more about networking in general.
  • Let your certification stands you out among the crowd when applying for a job.
  • Showcase your knowledge and understanding in real-time experience to justify your request for pay raise.

Having established the above, it is important to mention that not everybody should pursue the Examsnap Cisco CCNA certification.

Who should pursue the Cisco CCNA Certification?

As mentioned, not everyone in the IT field should pursue the CCNA certification. Only individuals that are interested in networking need to take up the challenge of obtaining a certification in CCNA. Any individual who also works on Cisco equipment on a regular basis can also consider the certification. For instance, Linux and Windows network administrators are a good candidate for the certification. With the CCNA certification, they are able to learn more about networking and how to quickly solve problems as they arise. Apart from network administrators, project managers and Technology salespeople can also consider acquiring the certification. For salespeople and project manager, knowing how Cisco router works will definitely aid their sales management and implementation process.

Another set of people that should consider this certification are IT, managers. An in-depth knowledge of networking will empower IT managers to communicate effectively with their administrators. In addition to this, they are also able to understand how the network works and stand in for their network administrator if he is not available. The fact that the CCNA certification is a great addition to your resume does not presuppose that it will help keep your job. You first need the experience to function at your job and then back it up with your certification.

Is it possible to pass the CCNA Exam?

Yes! It is possible to pass the exam and earn the certification within a reasonable time. It is essential to mention here that the CCNA was the introductory certification for Cisco before the CCENT was introduced. The CCNA credential is the most popular certification next to the MCSE certificate when it comes to availability of training materials. The CCNA course materials that are available include switch and router simulators, study guides, test preparation applications, training videos, flash cards, books, resource websites and many more. All these are available on Cisco website and other third parties’ sites. You can never be short of resource materials when it comes to earning a CCNA certification.

Resources you need to prepare for CCNA Certification

It might be a little daunting going through the multitude of resource materials available for this certification. Therefore, you need to select materials and dedicate some time to reading and understanding them. After making up your mind to earn the certification, the first thing is to check out the Cisco CCNA training center around you. There are many prep centers available all over the world. When you have made the decision on your CCNA course training center, the next thing is to start studying. There are different resources available online that you can access to prepare for your exam.


Earning theCisco CCNA certification can be seamless if you prepare adequately for it. It is crucial to reiterate the fact that although earning a Cisco certification is a great decision, backing it up with the needed experience is as important. Do not only aim to earn a certification. Aim to learn everything you can in the process so that you can do better at your job. Apart from the CCNA, there are other Cisco certifications that you can earn as you progress in your career. Cisco certifications are in stages. In other words, you need to pass a stage before you can move to the next one.

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