OZARK Season 4 Official First Look Trailer


Netflix’s TUDUM presentation, Ozark actor, director, and executive producer Jason Bateman got in front of the camera to reveal the two-part fourth and final season of the famous drama. Check out the insane opening of the upcoming season that picks up with Marty Byrd (Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) in Mexico right after the past season’s violent shock ending.

It looks like the series is coming back full force for a grand finale, just like the other seasons. The show has won 32 Primetime Emmy nominations, which includes two for Outstanding Drama Series. Bateman and co-star Julia Garner have both picked up performance Emmys for the hit TV series.

The fourth season of Ozark consists of 14 episodes and will be divided into two parts and both will air in 2022.

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