Pacific Rim Jaeger Stats

Let’s get back into childhood and compare your Jaeger’s with others.

Pacific rim is going to be great, movie content projected the same image and it will be huge not in terms of BOX OFFICE stats but now it’s proving to be another huge Merchandise Franchise we are even excited now to have it’s models, posters, mugs and Mouse Pads !

pacific rim american Jaegers stats

pacific rim austrailan Jaegers stats

pacific rim chinese Jaegers stats

pacific rim japanese Jaegers stats

pacific rim russian Jaegers stats

When an alien attack threatens the Earth’s existence, giant robots piloted by humans are deployed to fight off the menace. That’s how it will start as usuall when a superior Alien Monster race attack the little tiny earth the humans left defenseless as usuall and then these Huge Jaegers come to life and rest will be the History of motion cinema so stay up and stay tuned for this one because this one will be one to look out for start making plans ! 

 During the panel, director Guillermo del Toro revealed a ton of information about the upcoming rock ‘em sock ‘em flick along with news on his project, Dark Universe (also called Heaven Sent and Justice League Dark).  The following is a recap of the presentation:

Del Toro wanted to convey a sense of awe and scale since “25-story tall motherfuckers were kicking the shit out of each other.”  To do this, the production built and destroyed several blocks of Hong Kong, a four-story tall practical Jaeger head that would respond physically to a Kaiju battle and one foot of a Jaeger which was the size of the convention room itself.


Del Toro revealed that the only actor who didn’t break down during the course of filming was Rinko Kikuchi, who said she “thinks about gummy bears and flowers” when things start to get overwhelming.


Del Toro said that Ron Perlman’s character acts as a reflection of how society changes in the face of the arrival of the Kaijus.  Named Hannibal Chau (for his favorite historical figure and second-favorite Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn), he’s a black-market dealer in Kaiju organs.


Del Toro was visually inspired by World War II.  He incorporated the rust, decay and oxidation of elements in the environment and included them in Kaiju warning and refuge signs and informational flyers.


Del Toro spoke about Charlie Day’s performance, saying that throughout the movie he “looks like Rick Moranis, J.J. Abrams and a short brother of Bradley Cooper.”


Since del Toro is a fan of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, he thought of Day as a sort of “punk rock scientist, like a Buddy Holly geek.”  His character acts like a collector who gets very excited when he finds a Kaiju part in mint condition.


Day has a two to three page monologue that he delivers straight, but still manages to find humor in the character.


Del Toro revealed that each Jaeger is controlled by two pilots, called jockeys, because the neural link would overwhelm just one pilot.The Chinese robot Crimson Typhoon is piloted by a set of triplets.


Del Toro revealed that they originally designed twelve Kaijus and nine Jaegers  and then held an American Idol style elimination process to narrow them down.  The extensive detail work included placement of technology in each of the suits along with distinctive fighting styles; for example, the massive hydraulic presses on Cherno Alpha’s arms that deliver a forceful punch.


Del Toro commented on not using motion capture to animate the Jaegers, saying that the weight of the robots would prevent them from moving in a normal human motion, so he left it up to the animators to bring them to life.


Del Toro also commented on the origin of the Kaiju themselves, saying that they were sent by an alien race who has a habit of consuming planets.


Del Toro reviewed Travis Beacham’s initial pitch and loved it, then taking increasingly crazier pitches to the studio.


Del Toro also revealed the availability of a graphic novel prequel based in the world of Pacific Rim that was also written by Beacham.  It will give background on the characters and introduce some more of the world’s mythology, as well as giving a look at some of the early Mark I versions of the Jaegers.


On Dark Universe, del Toro said that he’s finished the bible for the film and hopes to start in on the screenplay soon with an unnamed writer he also hopes to announce soon. A blond John Constantine will be the lead character who tries to recruit the other heroes.  The story will include elements of the Demon Knights and Merlin. The team members’ origins will be revealed over time instead of presented up front: Swamp Thing is already at peace with his lot in life and Deadman is still in search of the man who shot him. Del Toro said that his favorite characters growing up were Etrigan the Demon and Swamp Thing so he’s loving the experience on this film.


Del Toro revealed that his worst movie experience was on Mimic due to miscommunication and creative differences between himself and the studio.  He called Pacific Rim the most enjoyable and freeing experience he’s ever had.

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  1. How is it that JAPAN has the weakest Jaeger and the fewest kills? You’d think they’d be all about the giant robot suits.

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