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Here comes another spectacular Hollywood film based on science fiction. Yes, the Pacific Rim has taken the audience by a sweep. The magical and adventurous joy ride, which the audience of the film experienced, during the three-dimensional film, released on 12th July 2013, is unforgettable. The film is well equipped to entertain both the children as well as the aged. The world of entertainment has touched such unprecedented heights in the contemporary age and such high-end technologies are used that, these types of fine quality films are bound to be produced.

The film has been directed by Guillermo del Toro and features Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, Charlie Day, Rinko Kikuchi, Robert Kazinsky, Ron Perlman, and others. The plot of the film has been written by Travis Beacham and del Toro. The movie has been produced by the renowned Legendary Pictures and it has been distributed by the legendary Warner Bros. The production house gives the credit for making the film to Ishirō Honda and Ray Harryhausen. The movie keeps you glued to your seat from the start to the end. You will not be able to blink a bit while watching the movie, because if you do that you will miss some spectacular action, created by exceptional animation in the film.

Pacific Rim

The storyline of the film streaming is strong and the screenplay is nothing short of remarkable. The film is based in the period of the 2020s. So the director, assistant directors, and the animators of the film have thought ahead of the times, but in realistic manners. The storyline goes like this, the Earth is attacked by the colossal monster, Kaijus. The monsters have come out of one of the inter-dimensional portals present on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. To counter and combat the monsters, it is binding on the human race to create huge, durable, and efficient robotic structures. So, the human race creates the Jaegers in a united manner. The Jaegers are humanoid mechanical robots, which are huge in size. The robots are controlled by two pilots and they are connected by a neural bridge.

In the climax of the film, which features the later days of the war, you will be able to see that Raleigh Becket, who is a veteran Jaeger pilot and is called out of retirement, teams up with a rookie pilot Mako Mori to defeat the Kaijus in the last effort. The final blow to the Kaijus proves to be a telling one.

Throughout the film, you will be able to enjoy the colorful adventure. The light-hearted feeling, which you will have after coming out of the theater, is amazing. The movie does not fiddle with dark and brooding, dark or cynical themes. The film deals with big, sophisticated, and beautiful visuals. It is quite evident that the director del Toro was influenced by two films “Epic beauty” and “Operatic Grandeur” during the making of the movie, although not directly. The film influences robotic enthusiasts, like this writer, in several manners. You will be able to know a lot of facts on robotics, which is quite delightful.

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