Paramount Pictures Is Going To Create A Virtual Reality Movie Theater Experience

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is not a new thing we have been seeing this tech for a while but in recent years it’s getting perfected. We constantly hear about new games like Fallout and Skyrim coming to VR or short videos on YouTube, but now things are going to get a bit more exciting.

Now, Paramount Pictures has planned to take it to a whole new level: Virtual Reality Movie Theaters. These theaters would reportedly just require you to put on your VR headset at home and it would create the theater around you including other audience members.

It seems fun, watch a movie in the “theater” without leaving home sounds brilliant, but wearing a headset for a movie.. ehhh I think it is a deal breaker for me, I don’t like 3D movies and might never play VR games because of the eyewear.


What do you think about this new theater system? The old-fashioned theaters and actually going in them is not appealing enough now? Do we have to isolate ourselves from all real-life joys and close ourselves indoors?

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