Path of Exile players who are just starting out oftentimes look into the types of builds they might be interested in pursuing. This can sometimes be overshadowed by the focus on PoE Orbs and PoE Currency, and the constant hunt for unique items. However, there are some builds that are well-suited to beginners. These are known as Raider based builds, and they are focused around the skill known as Wild Strike.

Ups and Downs

One key feature of Grinding Gear Games‘ PoE is clearing out maps as quickly as possible. This is something that the Wild Strike Raider is particularly efficient at since it has a great track record in terms of speed. What’s more, it is cheap to create and is generally fun to play with, so if you are just starting out then it could be a good choice for you. The downside is that even though it is quite evasion-based, it has a tendency to become overly reliant on it since the build makes you vulnerable to physical damage.


Now that you have an idea of what the build is based around, you will want to learn exactly what kind of items you will need to make the most of it. Body armor, for example, is something that you will need to look at, especially those which will give you elemental resistances such as Queen of the Forest and Belly of the Beast. You will also want to counteract some of the damage you take, which is where the Abyssus will come in very handy as it will help your character absorb and convert the damage inflicted on elemental damage. Rare armors and elemental resistances also aid in this regard and will enhance your evasion since it’s what this build relies on.

Elemental resistances, evasion, and life are what you will be looking to focus on, so as previously discussed, the Abyssus helmet will help with this. As for your other gear, if you are working on a budget then check out Ahn’s Might, which is relatively cheap and has a critical chance of 25%, as well as high accuracy rate and effective damage output. The traits you are looking for are present in the Atziri’s Steps boots too, which also gives you the opportunity to block spells in some instances.

A Mind Strap Rustic Sash, Apocalypse Gyre Paua Ring, and Tempest Loop Sapphire Ring will all help with your life, elemental resistances, and evasion too. There are several Amulets that you could use, with the likes of the Plague Gorget Amber Amulet being a good choice. Flasks, meanwhile, will help your damage output, with Atziri’s Promise being a good choice for the damage boost. Defensively, you might want to consider Divine Life Flasks as these can offer mods that will remove bleeding and elemental damage such as freezing.

Other Resources

Remember that there are lots of resources that you can use online that will help you find relevant items to suit the build. The suggestions here are based on preference and you may find cheaper alternatives or even more expensive choices based on how much currency you are holding. The official website for the game has a trading section to help with this, plus PoE Ninja and PoE Trade can give you decent insights.

A key point to remember is that the build needs elemental resistances and life to be as effective as it can possibly be, so be sure to keep an eye on these stats, as well as HP, when choosing your gear.

The Wild Strike Raider build has distinct advantages, especially for brand new players looking for a cost-effective build that won’t impact on their PoE orbs or PoE currency too heavily. It isn’t so straightforward that it doesn’t come without any form of setbacks, but these can be countered through correct gear, or at least help you soak up some of the hefty damage you might take. So if you want a build that is effective for wiping out maps in a short space of time, then the Path of Exile Wild Strike Raider build might be for you.

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