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The Petanque game in its present form was invented in 1907 by French player named Jules Lenoir. The first tournament with the rules was organized in 1910 by the brothers Ernest and Joseph pilot. Later on the game grew with a rapid pace and soon became the most popular form of boules. The Petanque World Championship is the international competition and takes place after every two years. The first world championship was organized in 1959.

 Pentanque Set

PLAYING THE GAME: Petanque is played by two, four or six player in two teams. In the singles and doubles games each player has three boules and in triples games they have only two boules. A coin is tossed to decide which side goes first. The starting team draws a circle on the ground which is 30 to 50 centimeters in diameter. All players must throw their boules from within the circle, with both feet remaining on the ground. The first player throws the jack 6 to 10 meters away, it must be at least one meter from the boundary. What makes is so appealing, is that you can be well ahead for a while, yet loose the game a second later or vice versa.

PETANQUE BOULE: Petanque boule are the size of orange, hollow and always made of metal in the Petanque Set.

ORDER OF PLAY: The player who threw the jack then throws the first boule as near as possible to the jack. A player from the opponent then throws the boule as near as possible to the jack. Plays continues with the team that is not closest to the jack and have to continue the throwing until they either land a boule closer to the jack than their opponent or run out of boules.

Pentanque Set

SCORING: Play ends when both teams have no more boules or when the jack is knocked out of play. The winning team receives one point for each for each boule that is closer to the jack.The first team to score 13 points is declared the winner.

RULES: (1) A boule hitting a boundary is dead and is removed from end.(2)On a court marked with strings, a boule is dead if it completely crosses the strings. (3) The boule can be thrown at any height or even rolled depending on the terrain. (4) Boules are thrown underarm. (5) Each team should have suitable measuring equipment.

PLAYING AREA: A flat open area where Petanque game is played is called terrain. Size of the minimum accepted court area is 12 foot by 39 foot.

STRATEGY: Each team has two type of players namely pointers and shooters. The pointers play first in the game and the shooters are held in reserve in case the opponent place well. In placing a boule in front of the jack has much higher value than one at the same distance behind jack. Nothing is decided until the last player throws the boule.

PETANQUE KIT: The kit consists of eight boules of diameter 72 mm and weight of 720 grams, 28mm scoring wooden jack, measuring equipment and nylon carrying and storage case with internal trays.

The petanque game improves hand eye coordination and is full of fun and enjoyment for all age group of people if played in right spirit.

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