People Are Touched With This Cartoon Of Steve Irwin Welcoming Animals Killed In The Australian Fires

The whole world is saddened for more than 1 billion animals that have been killed in the Australian bushfires – everyone’s beloved kangaroos and koalas are among them – numbers are still skyrocketing, an Aussie artist gave the world a sketch that brought at least a small bit of peace of mind to all the people affected or concerned by the ongoing devastation caused by the bushfires. Now based in Georgia, artist Shania-Mae Sturm was thinking about the horrors destroying her home country and a single therapeutic thought popped into her head – at least all the creatures are now going into the loving arms of Steve Irwin, waiting for them in paradise. After all, Steve and his family were always ones to stand by the animals and as he might be comforting the animals that have been killed in heaven, his family with his 16-year-old son Robert, who’s seen struggling back tears while talking about the destruction, are maintaining his legacy and is trying to help as many animals as possible and have already saved over 90,000.

Steve Irwin Steve Irwin



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