Peter Griffin Transformed Into Deadpool in FAMILY GUY’s 300th Episode

Family Guy

Family Guy was canceled by FOXThankfully they returned the show back to the fans this weekend, the 300th episode of the show aired! Yep, they made it to the awesome 300 episodes.

In the story of the 300th episode, Peter goes through a procedure that is assumed to give him powers. But things ended up taking a turn for the worse and Peter ends up getting anal cancer and obviously, he becomes the “Red Stool.”

In the episode, there was a moment when Peter Griffin’s Deadpool is assaulted by some thugs while explaining his story, and he fiercely fights back Griffin style, brutally killing them in some really gory and brutal way, blood is included. They actually recreated the opening action sequence of the Deadpool movie.

It is a hilarious video altogether and I’m sure you will get a kick out of it.

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