Peter Jackson is Remastering WWI Footage for a New Movie

Peter Jackson is Remastering WWI Footage

Filmmaker Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings), with the help of high tech equipment, is remastering rare World War I footage from the Imperial War Museum archives and after the remastering, it footage looks modern and not almost 100 years old.

“We are not making the usual film you’d expect on the First World War – we’re making a film which shows this incredible footage in which the faces of these men just jump out at you. It’s the human beings who were actually there, who were thrust into this extraordinary situation that defined their lives in many cases.”

Jackson is joining the remastered footage with BBC interviews with veterans recorded over the decades since the end of the war, giving a unique new view on the 20th century’s most frightful conflict.

The film will be screened in cinemas and schools across the UK, and broadcast on BBC One; further details of theatrical distribution will be announced later this year at

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