Photographer Shotarry Talks About His Black and White


Shota is an LA-based photographer who shoots fashion and celebrity portraiture in Los Angeles, he talks about his  Experience and photography

Photography has held great meaning for me all my life. It was about 10 years ago that I went to Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgian State University in Tbilisi and started working as a professional photographer. Since then, I have done many photography projects.

As a photographer, you get to meet a variety of people coming from different backgrounds. I thoroughly enjoy this factor the most as it provides an enriching learning experience about different people, what they are expecting from you as a photographer, and how you deal with their needs and provide them with complete client satisfaction.

Over the years I have tried to find a style, and bring this through all the different genres

I like to keep photography really simple, it’s easy to amass huge amounts of equipment but I’m happiest when I shoot in natural light with a full sensor camera and a couple of good quality portrait lenses.

Think of a portrait set against a shaded background or dark hills against a bright sky. Such subject matter offers a notable contrast between light and dark, and those contrasts will shine through in a stunning black and white photograph. The world in color is great, but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming.

Specifically, there are plenty of distractions that exist in a color that simply disappears when converted to black and white.

If you want to create high-contrast black and white portrait photos, the best advice is to add contrast with light, not Photoshop.

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