Pikmin Bloom Gorgeous New AR Game

Pikmin Bloom

Nintendo and Niantic are joining forces to create a new augmented reality game, Pikmin Bloom. The new game features the little plant bug creatures from the Pikmin games, you can plant pikmin and as you move around they will grow until they are bloomed to be picked.

Unlike the Pikmin games, there will be no big creatures to eat up your pikmin or any kind of fighting or conflict. This game hopes to be more collaborative, enabling players to make teams complete objectives and plant virtual gardens in their areas. You’ll be able to use a journal every day and will tell you how many steps you have taken and you’ll get the opportunity to add photos and a small entry.

It seems like a quiet relaxing game, though without much to do I’m not sure how appealing it will be for gamers. It’ll be exciting to see what kind of attractions and objectives they will have to help keep things exciting so players can come back again and again in the game. Pikmin Bloom releases November 2 in Australia and Singapore and will release in the rest of the world through Apple’s app store and Google Play Store.

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