Pink Blood And Turkeys in a 300 Themed Video Celebrating The Simpsons


The Simpsons is around for a really long time, Sine 1989 to be exact. Now, it surpassed 600 episodes last year. FXX celebrated the occasion by airing all 600 episodes starting on Thanksgiving Day.

If you survived #TheSimpsons600, then you deserve this certificate of achievement. Display it proudly.

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Rockin The Simpsons 600th episode spot with our friends at FXX #simpsons

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The creative team at We Are Royal made an animated 300 themed video and it is simply incredible, titled “Simpsons 600,” featuring plenty of pink blood flowing through the streets of Springfield and turkeys running for their lives from Simpsons characters. Check out the brilliant tribute video below and tell us in the comments how you like it.

The Simpsons is a staple of the American culture. Its crude, vulgar, gluttonous sense of humor mirrors the sentiments of many Americans’. As we settle down and celebrate the harvest of the New Land we live in, we give thanks to Matt Groening and his iconic creations that have led to more than 600 episodes of America’s favorite cartoon family. 600 episodes is nothing to bat an eyelash at. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we help FXX craft a spot that pays homage to another monumental achievement in Spartan filmmaking: “300.”

Sure, at first sight you’d think that 300 and The Simpsons have little in common. But you would be incorrect in that assessment. Especially in light of the Thanksgiving battle victory this spot was to commemorate. The spot is a call to action for gluttony. A call to arms, and Turkey legs, to indulge your lusts for more Simpsons episodes. (read more)

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