Piper NV Home Security Camera Now With Night Vision

Piper NV Home Security Camera Now With Night Vision

The Piper NV home security camera builds on the company’s previous devices and still provides 180 degree HD video, together with two-way audio, environmental sensors and home automation functionality.

The new Piper NV is now fitted with a higher specification 3.4 megapixel camera rather than the older 2 megapixel camera, and will automatically switch to night vision once the environment surrounding the camera falls into darkness. Enabling owners to still be able to see clearly everything that’s happening at the camera’s location remotely using their smartphones without the need for any monthly fees. Co-founder Russell Ure explains :

“The biggest challenge was definitely night vision,”-“With a regular field of view it’s easy, but with 180-degree viewing you end up with a bright ring of light in the center and four dark corners. Infrared light is consumed evenly across the entire field of view, so we had to work with a plastic specialist to make sure that we could offer both 180-degree viewing and superb night vision.”

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