Pixar Announces New UP Short Film CARL’S DATE


Pixar has recently announced a new animated short film based on the beloved 2009 movie Up. The film is titled Carl’s Date and comes with the tagline “New Adventure. Same Wingman.” The poster for the short has already been released, and it looks like we’re in for an emotional ride.

Bob Peterson, who wrote and directed the short and voiced Dug in the original film, explained that the story follows “a day in the life of Carl and Dug,” and explores how a dog’s love can change a person’s life for the better. Specifically, the short focuses on Carl as he takes a big step forward and goes on a date with a lady friend. Dug is there to provide emotional support and help Carl navigate this new chapter in his life.

During a Q&A, Peterson emphasized that no one will ever replace Ellie for Carl, and that the short is simply a story about friendship and honoring Ellie’s memory. He stated that “this really puts it to the test” and explores whether Carl should take this step forward or not. Ultimately, the short serves as a closure for the story and shows that Carl is committed to fulfilling Ellie’s wish for him to have a new adventure.

The short film also pays tribute to Ed Asner, who voices the character Carl Fredricksen in Up. Peterson spoke about his experience working with Asner, calling him hilarious and noting that he was a treat to be around. Asner’s grouchy but lovable demeanor brought the character of Carl to life, and Peterson feels that Carl’s Date honors Asner’s contribution to the film.

Carl’s Date is set to be released alongside the upcoming Pixar movie Elemental on June 16th. Fans of Up can look forward to another heartwarming and emotional story featuring their favorite characters.

CARL'S DATE poster

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