Pizza Hut app Saved a Woman in Distress!

Pizza Hut app Saved a Woman in Distress!

A Florida woman being held against her will ordered a pizza with a side order of SOS. 25-year-old Cheryl Treadway and her boyfriend, Ethan Nickerson, got into a spat in their Avon, Florida home. Things got heated, and Nickerson grabbed a knife. For hours, he held Treadway and their two children hostage.

Cheryl pleaded with Nickerson to let her just have the phone for a second to order a pizza for the kids — who desperately needed something to eat and keep them calm — using the Pizza Hut app. A totally harmless pepperoni pizza with free garlic bread.

The quick-thinking mom obviously knew that she could do more than pick toppings for the pie using Pizza Hut’s app. She tapped in a quick distress call without arousing Nickerson’s suspicions. Just to make sure the worker receiving the order noticed, she added notes to two different spots on the order. They didn’t go unnoticed. The Pizza Hut employees who grabbed Treadway’s order slip phoned 911 immediately. Police arrived on the scene in a flash. The distraction allowed her to sneak out the back with one of the children, and deputies were able to talk Nickerson into giving himself up.

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