Plant-Based Burger That Looks, Smells, Cooks and Tastes Like Real Meat

2016-06-23 12_29_12

Impossible Foods from Redwood City, California has created an incredible burger that possesses all the appearances, textures, aromas and flavors of real meat, but is actually made completely from plant-based ingredients. This must be come magical plant which can completely replace meat and vegans can taste meat like plant now. Using a specific protein molecule that is found in both sources, the company was able to re-create the burger experience without the negative health and environmental effects.

Our biggest discovery was that a molecule called heme is the “magic ingredient” that gives meat its craveable flavor and smell. Although it’s exceptionally abundant in meat, heme is essential to every branch of life, including plants. A heme-containing protein naturally found in plants gives our meat its truly meaty flavor. …Because Impossible burgers are made directly from plants, they require far less land, water, emissions, and energy to produce than their traditional counterparts. We want to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy delicious burgers on a beautiful planet. And while creating the burger, we left a few things out: cholesterol, hormones, antibiotics, and slaughterhouse contaminants. We hope you understand.

Founder and CEO Pat Brown has stated that the Impossible Burger will be available by the end of 2016.

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