Playdate is like a Modern Retro GameBoy with a Twist


I was going through social media and I check something cool. It was a picture of a gadget of a handheld gaming device which looked like a GameBoy. The gadget is called Playdate and it’s an upcoming handheld gaming device from Panic. The screen is black and white (yes, black and white) and it is very minimalistic in its controls with a D-pad and two buttons and a mysterious crank.

What adds to the intrigue though is that small silver thing on the side of the Playdate. It turns out that the little bulge is a crank. Talk about a smart addition. The crank will be used in some, if not in all, games to differing qualities and genres and I am eager to know more and play games on it.

Playdate will have 12 games and they will launch on a weekly basis and at the end of Season One, I can only imagine that more games are to follow. The current release window for Playdate is early 2020 and it will cost $149. Go to the Playdate website to sign up for notifications and future news.

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