PlayStation 4 controller?

playstation 4 controller

Sony is expected to reveal the PlayStation 4 at the “See the Future” event on February 20. In anticipation, an image has leaked showcasing what may be our first look at a prototype controller for the new console. 

The image shows a controller similar to the Dualshock with what appears to be a touch-pad on the front side (ala the back of PlayStation Vita) and blue light around the back. 

The blue light is reminiscent of the light found on the Move controller. The analog sticks appear to be further apart and the tips themselves concave, like the Xbox 360 controller. 
Below the controller looks like a port of some sort, perhaps an audio input (headset) as well as what looks like small speakers. 

Since this is a prototype, the final design may change. It’ll be interesting to see what Sony unveils next week.

Do you want this as your new controller for PlayStation?

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