PlayStation 4 rumours

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PS4 ! we are really excited for that and hoping not just the Release date but some Official Photo’s and Spec Details about the new console and don’t make it too complicated just beefing up the Processor and GPU would do enough Please don’t make it more Star Trek Sage Console !!! and let us enjoy the game, not the Skype and Facebook Integration, and more Online In-Game Purchases!

Sony has invited journalists to a February press conference on the ‘future of PlayStation’, fuelling rumors of a release date for the PS4.

Sony dangled the possibility of the imminent announcement of its next-generation PlayStation 4 console on Friday, sending out invitations to journalists for a 20 February press conference on “the future of PlayStation”.

The tantalizing prospect ignited a discussion on games blogs and sites around the web, with gamers keen to see an update to the aging console. Stay Tuned For More And Share Your Views!

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