The PlayStation’s Collector Guide Is Here!

PlayStation's Collector Guide

If you have been in the collecting game of the classics and varieties that came from the early days of PlayStation, then this is the thing for you. Playstation Anthology novel exists! Covering from 1994-1997, this classic edition collection contains the history of all the best games, joycons, controllers, interviews, gear, and most noticeably the list of limited editions.

This huge tome of Playstation history comes with over 4000 game titles, limited editions, gear, and so much more. Most of the items are featured in the book with sharp, colorful images of the items and joined with details all about the goods.

Check out the complete list of features include:

  • A full history of the machine itself – from development to retirement
  • The definitive games collection – including the best of the special editions
  • 26 exclusive Interviews with those who shaped the console’s success
  • Enemy Retaliation – the challengers to the PS1’s crown
  • An insight into the “Sony Miracle” and the history of the company

The 26 exclusive interviews provide insight into every aspect of the console’s development and achievements. This is a very good read for both collector and casual reader with an investment and interest in video games. What do you think about the PlayStation Anthology?

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