Pokemon Go 2 Release Date Leaked

Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go was the most recent craze we have seen and world was on fire when Pokemon fever was on it’s peak. The game has earned tens of millions of dollars since it was released.

Niantic is not sitting idle and they are hard at work on generation 2 of the game. Pokemon Go Generation 2 release date may have just been leaked.

Someone over at Reddit a few days ago shared what he claims to be an internal memo. It had details about a new marketing campaign coinciding with the launch of Pokemon Go Generation 2. The memo mentions December 7th as the launch date for Pokemon Go Generation 2.

This kind of marketing does make sense, There’s also no indication on the memo to suggest that it came from Starbucks and the word “Pokemon” is spelled as “Pokeman” multiple times in the memo. Niantic has yet to confirm details about the next version of Pokemon Go. I hope the news is correct and we have something cool to play before the New Year hits us.

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