POKEMON UNITE Halloween Mode Explained


Halloween has come to fair Aeos Island and you will find a lot of pumpkins in it. Going until November 10, trainers will have a broad variety of ways to gather pumpkins.

First up, special festive battles in Mer Stadium. In these battles, players can use special attacks such as Pumpkin Toss and Pumpkin Push that will get you collectible pumpkins that can be changed for limited-time Halloween items. From now until November 7 there will be login bonuses and from October 24 – November 2 there will be regular missions to help you accumulate even more pumpkins.

The pumpkins in the game can be used in the Pumpkin Exchange to get certain things such as Battle Point Boost cards, a Greedent Unite license, a Halloween background, a Halloween hat, and more. So get back into Pokémon’s first strategic team battle game for free on Nintendo Switch and mobile and start saving up for your beloved Halloween items now.

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