Poli NZ: Everything You Need to Know


Many countries have been exploring the possibility of releasing their own payment methods and one of them is Australia. POLi Payments Pty Ltd or simply POLi is an online payment option that is based in Australia but has expanded in New Zealand. Established in 2006 and formerly known as Centricom, this solution is used by many industries and customers in these two territories. In this method, the users don’t need a credit card but just make transactions directly from an online merchant. 

Awarded to be the influential “Payment Provider of the Year” in e-Gaming Review Awards Australia in Sydney in 2014, POLi is accepted by many Australian and Kiwi banks. The service is adapted on Macs and mobile devices since 2012 under the name of POLi Version 3.


Poli Features

One of the important features of POLi is its ability to give the users the transaction delivery instantly to confirm that the deposit has been completed. Besides, this payment option enables the customers to move funds from their bank account without using a credit or debit card. Another feature that is bundled with POLi is the option to transfer money anonymously ensuring confidential and safe transactions. Like every best payment solution, POLi uses innovative safety and security policies. In fact, the method uses SSL certificates and fingerprint to authenticate the identity of the customers instantly.


Poli Usage

Considered to be the well-known payment method, POLi is accepted by many industries in Australia and New Zealand. As stated above, this internet bank payment is straightforward and safe. Hence, many sectors accept this service as a viable payment method.



After the advent of the internet, online gambling has become increasingly popular in many locations around the world. This socially accepted form of entertainment is also pervasive and today online casinos in New Zealand with Poli payments available offer a wide selection of games to its customers. Once the players open an account on one of these platforms, they can transfer money with this internet banking option. Making a deposit with POLi is simple since your transferred amount will be available on your casino account instantly. Unfortunately, the gamblers cannot withdraw their winnings from a virtual casino using this leading online payment method in this sovereign island country.


Electronic commerce or e-commerce has become an undivided part of our lives. This efficient method has attracted relevant audiences unsurprisingly as it improves their way to buy and sell goods. Obviously, e-commerce is packed with online payment methods including POLi. With this free internet payment system, the residents of Australia and New Zealand are able to purchase and sell products from their banking account without supplying their personal information (account numbers and passwords). Actually, when the buyers want to move money, they just choose POLi and log into their internet bank account and press on “Confirm”. Therefore, as it is simple, quick, and safe, both traders and shoppers get benefit from this competent service.


Poli Pros and Cons


  • Anonymous payments

Choosing a POLi platform does not require the payers to provide their sensitive data because the dealings are encrypted. This high-level of safety is the main advantage of POLi. During the transaction, apart from the users, it is impossible to access the details displayed by the POLi site.

  • Instant transfer

Another benefit of using this payment is its instantaneous process. POLi is instantly debited from the user’s bank account that makes it one of the most attractive instant payment options. Thereby, the traders will receive their transactions’ receipts within a few seconds that will facilitate the goods delivery.

  • Supported by many banks

Since POLi is chosen among several users, many banks support this payment service. Another important thing that is worth mentioning is that using POLi is free despite some banks may charge fees for electronic funds transfer.


  • No withdrawal option

POLi is a banking option for depositing only. Unfortunately, no withdrawals can be accomplished for the great deception to the players in the gambling sites.

  • Limited countries availability

Although POLi provides the simplest payment, it is only available in two countries such as Australia and New Zealand. Thus, this banking option is less attractive compared to other global payment solutions.


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