The Police Is Investigating After an IT-Inspired Balloon Prank Terrorizes a Pennsylvania Town

Stephen King's IT

Someone is tying red balloons to sewer grates all over the small Pennsylvania town of Lititz and the police don’t like that they are being called to remove them.

The Lititz police department on Tuesday posted photos on their facebook page showing a series of red balloons tied to a pair of sewer grates.

The red balloon is the calling card of creepy clown Pennywise, the child-eating, a sewer-dwelling clown from Stephen King‘s horror novel It. The highly anticipated movie opens in theaters this Friday.

The Lititz police department writes they appreciate the prankster’s creativity but officers were “completely terrified” while removing the balloons and want the jokester to stop spreading the prank all over town.

In addition to asking the character responsible to stop, police also suggest people watch the IT trailers with all the lights turned on and the volume turned low.

They cleverly end their post with a famous line from the book: “You’ll float too.”

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