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Vaping is on the rise as one of the best replacements for smoking cigarettes.  If you are just getting into the scene it may be a little overwhelming to get started.  Essentially, you are going to need a vape and some juice to get started, but that is vastly oversimplifying.  Here are a few models that might help set the stage for your purchase.

Best Starter – Innokan Endura T20

If you are looking for a simple design that is easy to use, cost-effective, and fully functional, then try out the Endura T20.  This pen-style vape is designed with ease of use in mind.  It performs amazingly at its job while giving a great draw.  It has a 2 ml tank that fills from the top to make it easy to fill on the go.  This is the best pen vape available on the market and comes at a decent cost.

Best Starter Mod – Smok Mag Baby

If you want something with a bit more oomph than the pen, you may want to get a kit.  A kit has more pieces and offers a bigger delivery.  These are generally where you will find youtube videos making smoke rings and doing other tricks.  Smok is a huge name in the vape industry and delivers with this 4.5 ml capacity Mag.  The kit comes with a tank, dual coils, atomizing head, and replacement tubing.  It is also ergonomic for ease of use.

Best Compact Pen – K-Pin Mini All in One

Kanger put out one of the best compact vapes in the market.  This sleek design is meant for those who do not need a huge hit and want to vape on the down-low.  This unit has a built-in 2 ml tank that is easy to fill from the top.  The vape is made to be leakproof and can go into your purse or pocket without fear.  It also has a simple one-button design that makes it easy to use on the go.

Easiest Mod – Wismec CB-60 Mod

Mods can be vastly intricate and complex to use.  They also offer the most variety and personalized settings to get the job done.  Wismec has created this unit to be the bridge between the advanced users and those just getting to the party.  It offers variable wattage on power to give you the draw you want.  It does not have temp control or TCR functions, but it does give solid reliable performance for the mod world. It also offers a sleek design.

Best Mod – Joyetech Espion Solo

Last, but not least is the Espion Solo.  This bad boy offers everything the vaper could need in a gorgeous design.  This beast of a vape offers an easy to use the screen for a custom drawing, temp, and flow.  Plus it operates with variable battery and coil sizes.  All this fits nicely into the palm of your hand and gives you the best vape experience on the market.

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