Potential Storylines That Could Happen Following Unprecedented “No Time To Die” James Bond Ending

No Time To Die

A shock is about to happen if you are yet to see the latest installment of the hit James Bond franchise, whilst those who have already seen the film will have already been shocked out of their seats after watching the Hollywood blockbuster.

Whilst we all knew that “No Time To Die” was Daniel Craig’s last film as 007, not many of us will have been predicting that the reason so many have been placing wagers with online betting sites to whom his successor will be is because of the fact that he was killed in what was an unprecedented ending.

Yes, for the very first time in the 58 years that the James Bond story has been in existence, James Bond was killed. Pretty ironic, if you consider the title of the film, though. Nonetheless, that shocking detail has meant that the shape of the future 007 films will have a new lead portraying one of the world’s most famous fictional secret agents. If you watched to the end of the credits, the usual “James Bond will return” message was displayed, so we know that this will happen.

So, what can we expect to see in the near future when another installment of the film franchise hits the big screen? Let’s take a look at some of the potential scenarios that could be played out.


Nomi’s story continues

The most likely of storylines that will likely be explored given how “No Time To Die” played out will be to see how Nomi’s own story – who is portrayed brilliantly by Lashana Lynch and believed to be a breakout star of the film – plays out after she was handed the 007 designations following Bond’s retirement from MI6.

Whilst she made for a great sidekick to Bond, Nomi appears to have her own personality which could make her a prime candidate to be the next “Bond” moving forward, whilst it will also give the franchise the opportunity to try and go in a different direction that previous films may have received plenty of criticism for in the past.


James Bond mourned

One possible direction that the next film could look to take following the conclusion of the latest one is to focus it on the mourning of James Bond. It would be something that would have to be considered rather unprecedented in the franchise, given that Bond has never actually been killed before, whilst it would also provide the franchise with a story that could be just as challenging as any other.

The scene at the end of “No Time To Die” would suggest that there has been some mourning already, given that his inner circle toasts him with a drink following his death, however it would have to be considered a surprise if the next film completely dismisses him as a character and one that was clearly important.


Mathilde becomes a spy in the future

Admittedly, she might only have been five years old when we saw her in this film, however, the next one could be set at a later date and feature Mathilde as a young woman that is looking to follow in her father’s footsteps and, perhaps, carry on the work Bond was doing (or seek revenge). Who knows what might happen in a 007 film these days?!

Of course, the final scene of the latest movie saw her being whisked off in Bond’s car with Madeleine as she sat in the passenger seat, with her mother ready to tell her the story of her father. If this happens, then Mathilde provides a new potential storyline that could be lived in the next film.

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