POWER RANGERS: BATTLE FOR THE GRID First Gameplay Trailer Has Launched


Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid was announced recently and people are excited over it and we are also so excited about it. nWay has been doing an excellent job of giving lots to talk about. We ultimately have our first gameplay trailer and it looks excellent, except for one thing.

You might have noticed that the game seems to stop after every hit. This is called hitstop and is thought to be a tool to help make some things more awesome and dramatic. Sadly, in the gameplay trailer, the hitstop is enormous after every single hit which makes the game feel very choppy. Before you start screaming in the comments though, nWay is informed of this as some fans have voiced their grievances on social media and they have answered:

Thanks for your concern everyone. Please note that the gameplay captured is in pre-alpha stage. Our team will continue to review the game and work towards delivering the best possible product come launch.

The game is still held in pre-alpha stage when it’s dated to launch in April. That being said, I’m still thrilled for Battle for the Grid and this gameplay trailer really shows off how it’ll be comparable to games like Dragon Ball FighterZ and Marvel vs Capcom. So Excited!

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