Prepping For A Netflix Marathon? 3 Tips For The Best Night Ever


Streaming content services such as Netflix have made it easier to watch your favorite shows on your terms. Instead of having to wait for a new episode each week, you can simply wait for an entire season to be released and watch it in a matter of hours. What are some steps that you can take to ensure that your next Netflix binge is one of your best ever?


Get Food And Drink Ready Ahead Of Time

Whether you are watching your favorite show by yourself, with a spouse or with a group of friends, make sure to get the food and drinks ahead of time. Ordering the pizza before the binge watching begins or loading up on soda or beer ahead of time means that there is no need to race to the kitchen between episodes or otherwise compromise the viewing experience.

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Make Sure That You Have A Comfy Chair To Sit In

A large couch or mattress is the ideal spot to spend several consecutive hours sitting or lying down. You should make sure that you have plenty of space to stretch your legs and that there is plenty of lumbar support to keep from developing neck or back pain. It may also be necessary to provide space for a child or pet to curl up beside you as well.


Take Advantage Of Automation To Save Time

To keep delays between episodes to a minimum, make sure that the auto play feature is turned on. This allows the next episode to start as soon as the last one is finished, which is perfect for those who may have exactly eight hours to watch eight episodes of a given show. Using this feature also keeps you from reading descriptions for future episodes, which could contain spoilers or other information that you don’t want to know yet.

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What If Your Favorite Show Isn’t On Netflix?

Just because your favorite show isn’t on Netflix doesn’t mean that you can’t find it online. Companies like Pristine Sales enable you to buy single episodes, single seasons or every season of the show that you are looking for. This may represent a great value for those who would prefer to pay for the content that they want as opposed to whatever the cable company provides for them.

There is nothing better than spending a night off watching your favorite television show. Instead of worrying about work or paying the bills, you can get lost in a fictional world where there is someone to root for or provide inspiration when it is needed most.

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