How to Preserve Old Family Films for the Future

How to Preserve Old Family Films for the Future

Many families have some old film that shows how life was lived decades in the past. If your family has this type of film it makes sense to preserve it now before it degrades and is lost forever. This article explains more about this process and why it makes sense.

Did anyone in your family have a home movie camera they used to shoot real time films of holidays, family events and other notable occasions? If the answer is yes you are not alone. Many families preserved memories like these from years gone by, and there is no doubt still plenty of cine film and 8mm film reels sitting in attics and spare rooms across the country.

Of course, these types of films were eventually superseded by the video camera, big and bulky as it was at the time. Now we can pick up a smart phone and shoot short videos to enjoy – and we can also instantly upload them to the internet to share them with many other people. We have certainly come a long way from the old film cameras to modern cameras of all kinds.

However as far as technology has come, we still have plenty of old film carrying those precious memories – memories that get more precious still as time goes by. Many of the people in these films may no longer be around, making it even more important that we do all we can to preserve those films.

The good news is you can preserve them by transferring them into another format. A popular option is to transfer 8mm film to DVD. If you look up this service online you can find out more about it. Most companies and businesses offering this service provide it for a flat fee per film, and it is usually an affordable fee at that. Obviously the cost will go up the more film you have to transfer, but when you think of the value of the film and the memories it holds, you can see it is a cost well worth paying.

The most important thing to note is that transferring 8mm film to DVD is a process that should be done by an expert. In theory a novice could do it, but you would need the right equipment and the time and patience to do it. If you are lacking in one or more of these things you could run into problems.

This is why it makes sense to go to an expert. They will have the right equipment and the experience to do a good job. They know how precious those memories can be and that they are impossible to replace. Shop around in your local area and see if you can get any recommendations. This should help you with the process of finding the right service to use.

If you have unearthed some films of this kind, don’t delay in getting them to the right service to have them transferred into a more modern format. Don’t be tempted to take a closer look at them or to un-spool them to see what state they are in either. If you do this you could risk further damage. This is one situation in which expert help is much sought after.

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