Primal Carnage

Primal Carnage

Primal Carnage is set to bring broad and varying gameplay experiences including exploration, stealth, as well as puzzle-solving sequences to the next-gen Console. With Lukewarm Media’s release of teaser trailers and a screenshot of Primal Carnage: Genesis game for PlayStation 4, coupled with the positive reception of the game, Primal Carnage will introduce new environments, dinosaurs, and great features which will trigger more eagerness for what is yet to unfold in the game.

According to Lukewarm Media founder, Ashton Andersen, Primal Carnage: Genesis could be described as survival-FPS packed with a mix of action and suspense. While there will be scenarios through the course of episodic series where the player will have to shoot down hordes of dinosaurs, this will not be a “run and gun” game where ammo and weapons abound every nook and cranny. Thus, stealth and puzzle-solving are very essential to get past scenarios where an arsenal of weapons will either be unavailable or ineffective.

If you are aware of Lukewarm Media releases, you will realize that Primal Carnage: Genesis game for PlayStation 4 is a prequel to the multiplayer game the firm released last October. The Primal Carnage is a story that brings dinosaurs to life and the plot of how they broke free. The episodic series of the game will commence when the player finds himself on an island before the chaos has begun, and will get immersed into the events as things unfold. Rather than opening the players’ eyes through cinematics, the player must pay attention to the environment; for instance, a damaged electric fence that previously stood between them and a raptor. Players would do themselves lots of good to focus on short NPC interactions which may offer some useful information rather than following clear expository dialogue with NPC humans that direct them through the story. In essence, both the game and objective of the player will evolve through the course of the episodes.

In addition to dinosaurs, players of Primal Carnage: Genesis game for PlayStation 4 should expect T-rex which will make a dramatic entrance into the game as well as an epic boss battle. The company’s director said that they plan to introduce a large number of dinosaurs which are to be encountered in new areas such as valleys, jungles, and swamps. In the same vein, players should expect raptors, triceratops, and other traditional and non-traditional dinosaurs like the Kaprosuchus.

It is interesting to know why Primal Carnage: Genesis game for PlayStation 4 is an episodic game. According to Ashton Anderson, the episodic model allows the story to be broken up into pieces and for each piece to the end with satisfying cliffhanger events and make the series feel dynamic.

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