Princess Jasmine Cosplay

sexy Princess Jasmine Cosplay

Taken at San Diego Comic-Con 2010 by the very awesome Eurobeat King (Al) and LittleMissMint is cosplaying as Princess Jasmine Cosplay.

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Marissa Said :

Last weekend at con was incredible!! I actually got to wear this costume 2 days of con, instead of one like last year. Man, it gets better every time!! This is the costume i have the privilege of wearing at comic con once a year with Christy Marie’s sexy disney princess group. I do loooove being jasmine. She gets so much bling!! I absolutely love sparkle. xD I am SO happy with the new wig this year too. it’s wonderful!! <3

hottest Princess Jasmine Cosplay

Princess Jasmine Cosplay

Princess Jasmine Cosplay

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