Producer Frank Marshall Says BACK TO THE FUTURE Reboot Will Never Happen


Back to the Future producer Frank Marshall says he will never allow the time traveling film to be rebooted or remade. So the legend of a movie will be killed in modern cinemas like Ghostbusters, Poltergeist and many more. and it will always remain a classic legendary movie.


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When asked about it during an interview with Yahoo, he said:

“Yeah [we won’t reboot Back To The Future], as long as I have my say. No, that one exists just like E.T. – we’re never touching those. I love watching it. But how about we almost got the Chicago Cubs victory right?!”

There are some movies that just shouldn’t be touched because no matter how hard a filmmaker tries, they just won’t capture the magic and wonder of the original film.


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This is one very good news for me, I love the franchise and can’t see how old classics are being killed in the modern cinema.

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