Producers Tease the Release of Eagerly Anticipated Bang Bang

With thousands of movies released each year, Bollywood can be forgiven for overlooking some of the movies that get produced but one in particular has caught the eye of all film fans.

The eagerly anticipated “Bang Bang”, starring Hrithik Roshan, (as Rajveer Nanda), and Katrina Kaif, (as Harleen Sahni), who perform some amazing stunts in this action thriller, had already racked up more than 2.3 million views in the first 24 hours – and that was just the trailer! Yes, the trailer has recorded astonishing figures which many full-length feature films would love to be recording in their first 24 hours; and it set the record for being the fastest to 2 million online views, coming in at 18-and-a-half hours.

This works out at more than 108,000 views every hour and leaves you wondering just how long the queues will be when it gets released into cinemas on 2nd October, while overseas and online viewers will be able to watch the film online soon after. At the time of writing, the trailer had recorded nearly 11.5 million views on YouTube.

The trailer itself runs for just over a minute but in that time you get to see some of the amazing stunts performed by the actors as well as action involving the various fast cars and top of the range motorbikes.

This film has been talked about in the Indian media and on online forums for some time now since it was originally revealed a few years ago and is essentially a Bollywood remake of Tom Cruise’s 2010 “Knight and Day” which also starred Cameron Diaz.

Action thrillers have really exploded (excuse the pun) in Indian cinema in recent years, with the quality improving dramatically. The problem that many have suffered with in the past is that they’ve tried to incorporate the traditional Bollywood themes at the same time and it quite simply hasn’t worked and the films have lost their whole meaning. With Bang Bang, however, it looks as though they’ve really upped their game and hit the action movie nail on the head.

In the past few years, Bollywood has released around 200 action movies, many of which have gone straight to DVD or to the web, with offering viewers around 160 films under the bracket, many of which having been released in the past decade. Previously, the Indian cinema scene was dominated by romcoms but in more recent times, with the availability of significantly higher quality equipment and higher budgets, directors and producers have been able to invest in the materials needed to create higher quality action thrillers – like Bang Bang – and even branch out into different niches, with science fiction in particular proving to be particularly popular right now.

Sure, they’re still not at the level of the Hollywood action thrillers like Die Hard or the science fiction franchises like Star Wars, but they’re by no mean as poor quality remakes as they used to be. There are now all kinds of movies coming out of Bollywood, and many are original movies (even if you can spot the Hollywood references), which shows that producers are looking to remain true to their passions and create their own blockbusters. 

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