Product Placements In The Movies

Product Placements In The Movies

Oscar season is in full swing and a lot of controversies are clouded it, It will be the most white Oscars ever — but this is a debate for some other time. Today we found a brilliant infographic and it reward the brands and products that work so hard to get our attention in the movies we watch.

It is not a bad thing if products are seamlessly incorporated in the movies, Every good movie needs finance and showing Apple products in your movie makes sure that you will have some extra millions in your budget. This infographic highlights some of the hardest working, best placed and most ubiquitous brands in film.

‘Michael Bay Award’ for most products placed in a film. Named after the director who has dedicated his career to financing his many explosions and special effects by cramming as many products into his film possible.

This year’s award goes to Entourage, which outdid Bay himself by including over sixty product placements into its running time. So if any of you left this movie with a strange urge to go shopping, now you know why.

Product Placements In The Movies


Source: Watches2u

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