Productive Fun: 7 Games To Make You Smarter


For many years, computer games have become a pastime for people of all ages: from Atari games like Pacman to Family Computer games like Super Mario; generation x and millennials can’t seem to forget some of these old games. Why? They keep on playing them not because they get nostalgic, but because they benefit from them aside from having fun, and one of the most common benefits of old computer games is the capability to make users smarter as they play.

This is the reason why some older games like Super Mario have been reinvented. Others may say the same but now with mobile app versions. One thing is for sure, any game that provides benefits will always be remembered. Nevertheless, there are also some recent game apps that can help improve your memory and analytical skills. Therefore, when you look for the best game apps, choose the ones that can enhance your brain function.

Today, we will be going through seven-game apps to make you smarter.


  1. Chess Titan

Who can deny the power of chess games in terms of improving memory? Since time immemorial, chess has been the most popular game of strategy and skill. You can apply the strategies to almost all aspects of your life. You can apply them at work, in business, and in social interactions.

Because of this, those who are dedicated to becoming more intelligent become addicted to it. They would buy their own chess boards and invite friends to play with them. The problem is that you can’t always have someone with you to play chess. With the advent of the internet, chess games have gone digital.

The most popular chess game app you can find today is Chess Titan from Microsoft. With this app, you don’t have to look for someone to play with you. You can play with the computer and set a level. In this way, you can slowly stretch your mind until you beat the highest level. Moreover, you can do your moves and analyze where you have gone wrong.


  1. Brick Game

Do you remember the time when the first brick game was played with a separate device other than the computer or smartphones? This is also the same brick game you can find on Google Play and on other similar app stores. Before the existence of the internet, as we know it today, this was one of the most popular past times for many people not only young people but also adults.

This game will force you to think of ways to arrange only what drops in front of you. You will have to think of ways to use what’s available to avoid bricks piling up without filling in the empty space. In addition, you need to think very fast as this is not only a puzzle game but also a time pressure game.

When you play this app, you won’t notice the time is passing, so it’s best you play only during your free time because brick games like Tetris are addictive. Once you start, you can’t stop. Nonetheless, you won’t notice you are developing a system of analyzing things that require quickness and alertness.


  1. Super Mario Run

When it comes to video games, computer games, and game apps, Super Mario still reigns supreme in the memory of game enthusiasts, especially those who belong to generation x. It has been the game of every family. In fact, such popularity continues to this day. It has been reinvented to become Super Mario Run, which is now available on Google Play and Apple App Store. Read a more thorough review here and see if nostalgia hits you.

The truth is that games like Super Mario Run can improve focus and reflexes. Although there is no need to improve your reflexes further, any decision you quickly make during the game should translate into simple actions of your hands, and this can enhance your motor skills, which greatly contributes to brain development, especially for young children.

Furthermore, all versions of the Super Mario games can help you develop a sense of urgency thereby making a wise decision in times of trouble and emergency. The sound alone can alert you to think out of the box and act immediately. It’s just a game app, but it contributes to improving your overall psyche.


  1. Starfall

Starfall, on the other hand, is a game app primarily intended for younger and older children. Young adults may also benefit from it as a refresher. This app is actually a collection of educational games. It has lots of different games, all of which are designed to make users intelligent and educated.

If you play this game, you will notice that you have a lot of things that you have missed during your childhood. This is because of the multitude of choices that the app offers. You can find games like problem-solving, puzzles, analysis, and arcade games.

If you are a parent, this is a nice refresher before you teach your child. You can also play Starfall together with your child in order to encourage learning and thinking. In this way, you can also improve your memory and keep up with your child’s development.


  1. Nanny Mania

When you play Nanny Mania, you are the nanny inside the house. Your job is to take care of the family and the rest of the house. You will start with a small family. As time goes by, the family will grow, and your response will become bigger. The purpose of the game is to test your organizational and multitasking skills. You will be in a situation in which you should manage your priorities and use your time wisely.

Aside from the mental benefit, you can get from this game app, you can also improve your patience. While playing this game, you will realize that it’s not easy to become a nanny, so you should love your nanny if you have one. Nevertheless, the funny thing is that all members of the family in the game app are not abusive except babies who are very sensitive. This will also help you learn how to babysit.


  1. Throne Rush

Throne Rush is a game app from Facebook. You can play it on your desktop, laptop, smartphones, and tablets. Actually, this game is the prototype of Clash of Clans, and both games work very similarly. However, Throne Rush is not just about being social when, in fact, it’s solitary. This means you will have to think alone in order to become more self-sufficient and powerful.

The key principle in Throne Rush is to use your limited resources to grow your kingdom while protecting it against intruders. There is no thinking involved in the actual fight except making a decision to allocate your resources to fight. You will be impelled to choose the most effective and the most efficient soldiers you have.


  1. Plants vs. Zombies

There is no question that Plants vs. Zombies is a game that makes you smarter. It helps you improve your random thinking ability and decision-making process while pushing your reflexes to the limit.



Most game apps are designed to bring fun and excitement. Others are intended to improve our skills and brain function. Some games that are created to improve memory are simply boring. That is why game developers always emphasize user experience. In the future, games that make users smarter will surely become more dominant.

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