Productivity Apps that every iPad User Must Have

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Over the internet, you would find plenty of articles about Apple iPads being an excellent mobile device that helps users to carry out plenty of tasks on the go and increase their productivity. Several people suggest that iPads are set to overtake laptops soon, however, you must know that an iPad is only as good as the apps that are installed in it. If you are an iPad user and are looking to use it as a workstation, there are certain apps that you must have to record, store data, organize work and above all improve your efficiency while you are on the move. Before, actually getting into the apps that everyone must have, if you are looking to buy an iPhone at discounted priced, you can search for couponraja promo codes that would let you get an attractive savings on your iPad purchase.

Some of the best productive apps every iPad user must have are:

Freecharge App

No matter if you are using your iPad on Wi-Fi or 3G, this is an excellent app to have on your device that would come in handy to get you a quick recharge for your smart phone, data card, mobile internet plan or DTH. Besides, you can also use the app to pay your utility bills including gas bills, insurance premiums and many more with just click of a button. You can do all these from the comfort of your home or office. Additionally, while you use this app, you also get the benefit of using freecharge recharge coupons that lets you use the coupon codes to avail discount every time you recharge your phone or pay your utility bills.


Often times you have found yourself being flustered and frustrated due to your hectic work routine. At such times all you need is a simple app like MindNode that helps you sort out your work map in an easy and hassle free manner. The app allows you to create your own mind maps and thereby helps you organize and collaborate your work schedule more efficiently. The neat and clean interface of the apps lets you connect the dots between your ideas and lets you concentrate on generating new and innovative ideas for your business.

Good Reader

Today, almost all the business documents are stored as PDF files, it is therefore quintessential that you have a good PDF reader on your iPad and one of the best PDF apps for iPad users is Good Reader. The apps works efficiently in opening all kinds of text and PDF files and thereby gives you access to vital business information while you are on the go. The app can also be used to open MS office documents and read high-res images and books. The app also has the capacity to even play videos. The app available on play store for just $ 4.99 it offers great value.


Often times in your business, you would face situations where you would want to take quick notes for future reference. This is exactly what Noteshelf does for you, the app is a sleek note taking tool that helps you take notes and save it on your iPad for future reference. You can also change the font style, colour, type and size as per your requirements.


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