Products You Never Knew You Needed

There is  alot of consumer products out there and hundreds joining everyday, Some of those products actually makes life easy and some or most of them are quite useless or things which you really don’t want but you buy them anyways and they live in your cupboard of shame for the rest of their shelf life. Here we have a collection of products which you don’t know exist, Now it’s up to you if you want them or not.

The Grumpy Cat Hat:

The Face/Butt Body Towel

The Urinating Coffee Table:

The Bubble Wrap Wall Calendar:

The Cupcake Pillow:

The Death Star Ice Sphere:

Products You Never Knew You Needed

The Death Star Fire Pit:

The Emergency Teddy Bear:

Hobbit Socks:

Unicorn Cookie Horn Filled With Candy:

Katana Book Ends:

This Super Mario Aquarium Set Up:

Penguin Measuring Cups:

Castaway’s “Wilson” Volleyball:

Glow Ball Nightlight:

The Baby Mop (baby not included):

Carpet Alarm Clock:

Snowman Decals for Your Refrigerator:

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