Professional Wireless Displays Are Here To Stay


Technology plays a vital role in how we live and work. It has changed everything including office spaces. The office has moved from traditional cubicles to open spaces and even corridors. Basically, you can work from anywhere – from the comfort of your home to the meeting room – without any limitations.

While it is a great opportunity, it also presents businesses with new challenges. It can be hard to take care of wirings and other such matters, especially when you don’t know where you’d be conducting your next meeting. This is why a wireless solution is the best option for any business.

It doesn’t only solve such problems but can also be cost-effective in the long-run. We know of wireless phones and wireless charging but there’s now wireless display as well.

It’s not really a new technology but it’s one that has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. The technology is being used in different industries including schools. Teachers can transmit data without needing wires to let students take notes and learn new concepts at ease. This gives educators the ease to move freely in and outside the classroom – without losing control.

With the internet now being used heavily to educate students, such technology can be of great help. Teachers can use the internet to access notes, videos and other relevant material, which can be shown on the big screen.

What is A Wireless Display

The concept is not very hard to understand. A wireless display involves no wiring. You can stream all kinds of data – from documents to photos – to a compatible device. It’s quite like screen mirroring but in a more advanced way.

What Are the Advantages of a Wireless Display

Let’s have a look at the advantages in detail:

  • Saves Time: Everything happens in real-time. The job goes seamlessly. This helps improve productivity. Also, no time is wasted in untangling or connecting wires.
  • Saves Money: No need to spend money on wiring. Transfer data to any compatible device without needing any additional hardware. It’s a one-time investment but it helps you save from future troubles since there’s no wear tear. Plus, most solutions offer more than just connectivity. Additional features include app integrations, digital signage, etc.
  • Saves Hassle: Wireless displays are very easy to setup and use. There is little to no strain on the IT department.
  • Better Impression: Leave a solid impression on clients and visitors by appearing technologically advanced and conducting meetings in a neat and professional environment.
  • Improved Delivery: Wireless displays allow information from your personal computer screens or mobile devices to be broadcast to a wider audience – in a meeting room, conference hall or beyond. It’s not only perfect for meetings but for classrooms as well where one person has to deliver the lecture to a big audience that can see data on a large screen without any trouble, and also allow for more engaged, active presentation (i.e., not glued to the front of the room).

How Should I Choose a Provider?

There are several factors you must consider when selecting a provider. According to a report by K2Space, open spaces are going to be the norm moving forward. Meeting rooms are going to go out of small rooms to open areas, which can be anywhere from the office’s yard to the boss’s cabin.

With such great things to come, it is important to prepare for the future. A business must get a product that solves not just today’s problems but tomorrow’s as well. One such option is Airtame, a wireless screen mirroring solution that can transform the capabilities of any wireless display. It has been known to help reduce IT support tickets and requests in business and education environments by up to 80%.

Some of its features include:

  • Free Cloud Management for improved screen overview,  management, and maintenance
  • Digital signage and backgrounds on your displays when they are not being actively used
  • Free and committed access to the customer support team – whether you buy one or 100 devices
  • Pin Code Connect for safe presentation to the right screen

With Airtame, wireless screen mirroring becomes a breeze. The app supports all computers and devices including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and even iOS or Android. It’s as easy as plug-and-play and works within seconds.  

It’s basically a wireless HDMI device that’s highly durable as well. Plus, it comes with great customer support. You can visit the FAQs to get answers to your question or speak to an agent if you have a serious concern.

Such qualities make Airtame one of the best options when it comes to screen mirroring. Moreover, it is extremely safe to use. There is no risk of your data reaching unsafe hands of hackers getting access to files.

Wireless Displays  The Future

The industry is expected to grow at a rate of 11% in the period from 2017-2023. The market is there and so are the options. Find a solution that is customized for a specific business. Airtame, for example, is tailor-made for educational institutions and similar businesses.

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