Pros and Cons of Wireless Wi-Fi

You have probably been using your Wi-Fi network for a wide variety of activities. You have watched online movies, communicated with your Facebook friends, searching for dissertation help service, and even sent and received sensitive documents. But did you know that your Wi-Fi network may not be as secure as you think it to be? There are many advantages to using a Wi-Fi network, but there are also some disadvantages that most people don’t know about. So, let’s see what these advantages and disadvantages are. Also, we will talk about how you can make your wireless network more secure. However, as a word of caution, keep in mind that almost any wireless network can be broken into if the person breaking in is experienced enough and has access to the right tech.

The Major Advantages of Wi-Fi

Your Wi-Fi network is very useful indeed. One can say that it is even vital. After all, it provides Internet access to your mobile devices when you are around it. It enables you to do a lot of things online without using a cabled connection. Here are the major advantages of using a Wi-Fi network:

  • The wireless network provides you with ease of access. As long as you are in range, you can connect to your network from any device and enjoy free Internet, as opposed to a metered connection like the data connection on your smartphone.
  • Your wireless network supports multiple users. This means that you can connect a wide variety of devices to the network and they will all be connected to the Internet simultaneously.
  • You can connect devices like smart TVs and multimedia players to your wireless network easily.
  • By using a wireless network, you avoid the need for dozens of cable running to all corners of your home or office.
  • Installing a wireless network is relatively simple and can be done without requiring professional assistance.

The Major Disadvantages of Wi-Fi

There are also some major disadvantages when it comes to wireless networks. Here are some that we consider the most important:

  • Security can be compromised easily, especially if the Wi-Fi network is not configured properly. An attacker can spy on your entire activity once the network has been compromised.
  • Speed is usually an issue because wireless networks are usually slower than wired connections.
  • The more devices you connect to the network, the slower the speed of the Internet on each device.
  • Wi-Fi networks are not as reliable as you think. Any kind of interference with the wireless signal will cause problems.

Bottom Line – Working Safely on Wi-Fi

To make sure you are safe on your Wi-Fi network, you must configure the access point (a router in most cases) correctly. Use the strongest encryption available – usually WPA2 + AES – and set a strong password that contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Also, remember to set a password on your router so that nobody can access it. Never use any words found in the dictionary in your passwords. Do you want a spy to figure out you are using a reliable service such as Writingjobz to complete your essay writing assignments? Probably not; so you need to secure your wireless network ASAP. Bottom line, wireless networks provide a lot of benefits to their users, but only as long as they are secured properly.

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