Putter Drink Caddy: Now You Can Have Drink On Every Hole

Putter Drink Caddy

You don’t even have to wait for a hole-in-one to get a drink that you so rightly deserve, thanks to the Putter Drink Caddy. It looks like a typical putting iron, but the red button on the handle is a dead giveaway that it’s something much better to have out on the green.

Nobody’s fully awake at tee-off anyway, so why not have a proper wake-up call by chugging down a shot or two? Of course, it’s not recommended if you’re playing at a competition but if it’s just a friendly game between friends, then it’s the perfect thing to have in your bag.

The Putter Drink Caddy can hold up to 54 ounces of your poison of choice. It’s equipped with a battery-operated dispenser, so your drink comes pouring out of a spout on the bottom of the handle with the press of a button. Neat, huh?

Get It: $89.99


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